Instead of homogeneous, “blind,” establishment listings that provide little more than an address, a phone number, and a meager review if any, Jersey City Bar Guide individually catalogs every tavern within the limits of The City. Unlike other local search properties that rely on their userbase for the bulk of their content, Jersey City Bar Guide loosely revives the classic editor created content format to provide structure, local authority and consistent tone to its reviews.

Jersey City bar Guide strives to eliminate “fuzzy” or “financed” search returns — when you look for a local watering hole on Jersey City Bar Guide, you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you want and that the listing will be in Jersey City — results leaking in from adjacent municipalities are not present on Jersey City Bar Guide.

Differences from other guides are immediately apparent when viewing a listing. Plenty of large format images grace our detail pages along with current contact and address information. In-depth editorial abstracts familiarize you with each property before you delve into the more subjective user reviews or step foot into the barroom. Business owners and/or management also benefit from our administrative console which allows for real-time inclusion of upcoming events, promotions and inventory within their bar.

We are also looking to keep the residents of the city in touch with the businesses around them. Many people flock to Jersey City as a residential alternative to Manhattan or other New York borroughs. Unfortunately, while many choose Jersey City as the place where they lay their heads, New York City usually beckons for work and socializing. With the abundance of pubs and restaurants within city limits, there are loads of reasons to save a PATH trip or tunnel fare and bring the merriment west of the Hudson.