Astor Bar and Grill 4/5 (1)

725 Montgomery Street
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 333-9595

Our Two Cents


Astor Bar epitomizes no-nonsense. You walk in, take a seat when you can find one and get down to laughs with friends or friendly banter with Mike.

The decor is very suburban Jersey basement. Naugahyde captain’s chairs adorn the table seating and a Formica bar surface that looks like Grandma Healy’s kitchen counters on Highland Avenue make up the bar.

Taps are clean as a whistle and offer three brews — Guinness, Budweiser and Bud Light. From a visit about three years ago, I do recall all tap stock to be available by the pitcher for a great price. The cooler in back offers package goods and plenty of bottled selections are available if you are pint glass phobic.

I can’t extoll the virtues of their lunch as I have not stopped by at that time of day, but a quick search around online delivers result upon result of love for Astor’s lunches.

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  • Jonny H

    I went here to drink on my 21st Birthday and they didn´t even card me, I was so pissed I didn´t get to slam my ID down on the bar!

    But on the real, the regulars were real cool and It is much like a time warp, I think someone was smoking and trying to hide it from the bar tender.

  • soshin79

    Stepping into this place is like stepping into a time-warp. It looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1950’s and it probably hasn’t.

    Frankie Valli and Tony Bennet are on the jukebox, and so are 2… FUCKING 2!!!!… Billy Joel CD’s. That almost ruined it for me but as soon as I heard the soothing tones of Patsy Cline going walking after midnight, I figured I can live with the fish-faced wanker for now.

    The regulars were loud and friendly, discussing racing at Belmont at the tops of their voices and chugging $2.50 beers. To a man, they all looked like versions of Archie Bunker, grey-haired and pink round Irish faces.

    As this place is in the shadow of the Beacon, it is in danger of being yuppie-fied. See it now before they start selling ironic 5 buck PBR’s…

    Reprinted with kind permission from WiredJC

  • araMISTER

    This place is OK for a few on a weekend afternoon. The prices cannot be beat, but I get the feeling that no one other than insiders are welcome here. It’s not from the staff as much as the looks I got from other patrons. Maybe I have a guilty conscience? Try a pitcher and huddle up to a table with a few buddies. You’ll be buzzed in no time.