Barcade 4/5 (1)

163 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 332-4555


Our Two Cents

We have yet to experience the pleasure of stopping by for a sip. Get the ball rolling and contact us to let us know you need a visit and review!

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  • BrunswickSweeper

    @susansaint… of course… Brooklyn is a DUMP. Barcade is OK. They seem to have either FIXED or turned off the busted games. Good for them. No wasted quarters.

  • susansaint

    I like the bar, arcade games, and beer selection. But the bathrooms are definitely a Brooklyn experience.

  • BergenCountyKilla

    Hipster plaid and stripes galore. Beer is shittily priced. Half of the games steal your quarters or are all screwed up on the calibration or have stuck buttons. They should have stayed in Brooklyn. Boooooo

  • Risky

    Barcade is great. Beer delish. I am a little p’d about the stronger brews being served in a 10 ounce wine goblet. Gimme some glassware for a man, not pH balanced for a woman!

  • cargo

    I am so excited for this place to open up. Just saw all the rubble on the floor and the CEASE WORK notices removed from the windows.

    Let’s get some Frogger going!