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292 Barrow Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 946-1411


Our Two Cents


We haven’t spent enough time here, but we still have a few words about Barrow Street B&G.

Our visits have been on weekday evenings while the after work crowd is still bellied up. Fridays are markedly busier than the school-nights but there are a few consistencies with this crowd – no matter what day of the week it is. For one, the clientele is varied; you have 50 year old dudes in tweed sport coats sipping scotch while fiddling with their solid gold curb link bracelets, younger cybergeeks sit at the bar, laptops in tow, tippling and coding until the wee hours, the late 40s government or non-profit employee is here too, wearing her worn out LL Bean chinos and packing a PBS tote from 1999, and you’ve got the West Indian construction crowd who rack up a few games of 8-ball and chug down their macro lagers with glee. The second thing that’s quite evident at Barrow is that the patronage has no qualms about slamming down more than one, talking their asses off, and getting quite friendly if provoked.

Barrow is nicely appointed in a well-worn Regal Beagle type of way. Maybe it’s more Boston than San Diego actually – something “Cheers”-y about the stained glass with Art Nouveau lettering inlay. If we recall correctly, the floor was blue slate. A totally awesome choice that feels warm underfoot and obviously cleans up well.

We did beer and beer only on our visit. Prices were fair. Tap quality was survivable but could be improved upon. Bottle selection was meager but that which was in stock was fresh and well chilled.

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  • Jonny H

    They have NJ Beer on tap! All of them!

  • zoecat

    This bar has really gone downhill, especially the formerly excellent trivia night on Wednesdays. The AC is terrible – its always way too hot in there. The new trivia host (as shrill young woman) yells at people, lacks friendly command of the room or the game and flip flops on her questions and the proper answers. She changes the way she words her vague questions and argues with customers when they ask for clarification, or politely challenge her answers (which have been proven wrong many times). There are also ZERO drink specials during trivia and prices overall have steadily gone up over the past few years. No buybacks ever either. The bartender on Wednesdays is nice, but inattentive and often is on her phone or chatting too much with her buddies at the bar. The owner is seemingly unconcerned with the slip in service and the overall quality of the customer’s experience. On the positive side, the new-ish cook/grill man makes a great burger and the handcut fries (either sweet potato or regular) are great.

  • iamboogz

    if you’re trying to watch football on sundays, get here extra early!!! But very friendly staff and great drink specials.

  • susansaint

    This bar is friendly, everyone feels welcomed here. They have a pool table, a juke box, TVs for the sports minded, and an outside area for smokers. They have a great happy hour too with drink specials and food specials! They offer $1 hotdogs and $2 burgers almost daily during happy hour between 5 and 8pm! Its a great place!