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85 Morris Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 209-1717


Our Two Cents


Bistro La Source is, to use a hackneyed cliche, elegant in its simplicity.

When you approach Bistro La Source head on, the charming exterior with its two cafe tables, slate underfoot, manicured vegetation and cherry finished wood invites you into the building itself, or during balmier times, you might be coaxed to the out of doors patio on the right. If you opt to enter the building a demure, French feel becomes apparent. A sullen, sturdy, dark wood bar is to the right, sterile black and white hexagonal tile cover the floor, cafe tables with bench seating are to the left and Edwardian globular lighting fixtures grace the ceiling and provide a warm, pleasant glow. To the rear is a dedicated dining area with a multitude of antiqued frame mirrors adorning the walls.

The bar and surrounding environment at Bistro La Source is peculiar, in the most complimentary of ways. There is something about the bar and its positioning that make it an ideal spot to take a seat with a friend or two and have a long, lingering talk — over a few drinks of course. Televisions are present, but they’re certainly a focal point. The hours are cleverly unorthodox at 11AM to 11PM, seven days a week, and really help cultivate the character of Bistro La Source. The heavy party set won’t want to drop in as they close up shop at a relatively conservative time and loud music isn’t being piped in from all angles. Patrons are, from what I can gather, a more reserved bunch but not stuffy. The establishment is smartly appointed, there is lavish food and drink yet staff are dressed casually.

Specialty cocktails abound as does an impressive by-the-glass offering. The fact that Bistro La Source stocks the elusive, world class D. Carnegie and Co. Stark-porter is astonishing and conveys a sense that whomever is in charge of beer purchasing knows their stuff.

Try the bistro on a late Sunday afternoon. From 2:30PM on should do the trick. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a seat on the end of the bar and unwind with a glass of your favorite red.

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  • wdd

    Pretty good all around – but PLEASE turn the lights down a titch! Every time I go here I feel likes its closing time, all the time! I just can’t understand the need to have the place to bloody bright all the time.