Bobby Dee’s No ratings yet.

49 Beacon Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 912-1427


Our Two Cents


You don’t get more "neighborhood" than Bobby Dee’s.

Punters range from well quaffed, red-faced contractors with neatly tucked plaids and pressed jeans, to not-so-well-put-together, red-faced gents with satin teamsters/generic union jackets.

Leisure appliances are well thought out, with two CRT TVs (one working on my visit), a juke box, a Megatouch, and a real cracker of a pool table. The decor is comprised of a humble, yet solid bar, topped in the most eye battering Kelly green formica, Budweiser promo mirrors with Irish counties all cut out and labelled, and thick nautical style panelling/planking all around.

Bobby Dee’s idea of top shelf liquor (at least from its placement behind the bar) would be Jose Cuervo 1800, Irish Mist, Patron, Jameson and Powers whiskeys to round out the lot. Plastic bottle Zemkoff vodka and Barton gin are on hand for your well drink needs. Taps were Pabst, Budweiser, Miller, Coors Light, Yuengling, and this funy little knob that might have been Guinness but who knows being that I never asked…

Can’t recall prices now. Couldn’t recall prices the day after my visit. Therefore, I am sure Bobby Dee’s was quite reasonable.

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  • susansaint

    Big bar, you can actually play pool without poking anyone. It has juke box. The drinks are good and not expensive.

  • JCSH

    i like this place alright. they have cold inexpensive beer beers, a pool table dart boards, internet jukebox. a couple tv’s. its a simple old man old timers type place. never had a hassle there (except for playing CCR when i’d promised some dude i’d play some sabbath)…you looking for a quiet place to have your drinks and just relax in BAR type bar? well then this is your place right here