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596 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ 07310
(201) 656-4611

Our Two Cents


Burke’s Bar and Liquors is the place that everyone who lives in New Jersey has seen at one time or another on their way out of the Holland Tunnel. I used to spy this spot as a youngster as the seediest of scenes from "Hardcore" starring George C. Scott and Koch era NYC would blast into my mind. The garish yellow sign with chasing perimeter lighting does a fantastic job of alerting you to the store’s presence and doubles as a catalyst for Jersey bound fender benders.

Jason and I popped into Burke’s on a Thursday night and were casually welcomed by a bartender and a guy who seemed to be the owner. The bartender was very accommodating in getting us up to speed on their in situ offerings. After all, what do you order when you are having a sip in an actual liquor store? Do you pick a bottle of bourbon and start chugging? As alien as this concept may seem to some, Hudson, Morris and Passaic County bars are masters of the unpredictable in quaffing protocol. Any Jersey City resident will tell you that many old school pharmacies double as liquor stores and while most NJ residents think you can’t buy wine, beer or spirits in a super market, I know a few A&Ps that have the distilled stuff right next to the paper towels.

Anyway, we made a quick decision on a bottled Sam Adams and were pleased with the chill, presentation and price.

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  • araMISTER

    Good place to bring a date if you want the date to end QUICKLY. Did just that with this gal I met on Match. We met for a drink at one spot and let’s just say her body didn’t live up to what was on her profile. We left The Ale House (which from a quality perspective was even more of a hole than Burke’s) and I told her I wanted to take her to my favorite bar. I knew she hated smoking so I picked up a pack of cigarettes at a gas station as we crossed over the tunnel plaza. We got to the Burke’s corner and I started to light a cigarette and talk to the hangarounds from the neighborhood. One guy asked me for 5 bucks, another for a cigarette and another asked if I wanted to buy drugs. I told the last guy, “Not tonight man… maybe tomorrow.” We went in, had a Bud bottle and by this time, my date was so disgusted by me she wanted to be taken home. NO PROBLEM THERE BUDDY! Burke’s, you are in a crappy part of town and your layout is gross but you are a LIFESAVER! Thanks for those icy cold BUDS!

  • Brett Michaels

    Man, I remember playing the Garden in like 88 and we were on our way back home to PENNSYLVANIA on I-78. CC and Rikki needed more liquor so we stopped off at this place going westbound. Loaded up on Miller Light and Absolut. Talk about a ride home. Few of the gals on the corner wanted to hop on the bus but we beat them to the door. Can you say, “Pedal to the metal?” ha! ROCK AND ROLL. AWESOME.

  • aquaphyre

    Seems like a liquor store with a counter. Perfect for preparing for a long weekend with the in-laws when you just wanna step out for supplies and slide in for a little nip of liquid courage.