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61 Congress Street
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 239-0087


Our Two Cents


Corkscrew provides The Heights with a relatively "sophisticated" bar experience. With such appointments like an ultra-affable, tattooed bartender, a well balanced and articulate sound system that blasts 90s favorites like Maxi Priest, and a mini kitchen equipped to fulfill your chug and chomp needs, The Corkscrew offers something decidedly different to the neighborhood.

As you sit down at the bar, you can surely see that The Corkscrew has lived a few different lives in the past. Two dollar bills and half-dollar and dollar coins of all varieties aside for Sacagawea are entombed in urethane, a very popular decorating maneuver from yesteryear, no doubt. Well maintained, dark hardwood flooring graces your feet. The bar is of a sturdly build, stained cherry with this 1990s/Miami-esque blue lighting radiating from all over — kind of a cool contrast. Adding to the jumbled decoration is tin ceiling that’s either brand new or had about one billion dollars spent on its upkeep and restoration over the years.

The ‘Screw is outfitted with a few distractions such as a beautiful, red felt draped pool table awaiting your drunken scratches. There’s also a strange Jersey-Shore-boardwalk-carnival game with a giant speed bag; we suppose one clobbers the bag and receives a strength assessment afterward. Great for the jocks and Jaeger Bomb crowd. An ATM stands at the ready for the credit-card-phobic out there. One larger flat screen, flanked by four mid-sized options, and another four micro screens are available for all your sports or reality show fiending.

Spirit selection is formidable. Lots of the new "boutique" vodkas (read: big distiller’s branding experiment) abound in all their flavored glory. Taps were alright and offered up Newcastle, Yuengling, Coors Light, Blue Moon, and Guinness. A few more beers offered by the bottle and the cocktail list just goes on, and on, and on…

Didn’t try the grub, but the liquor prices were average. You know the drill, $4 to $6 for a bottle or a pint. We’ll be back for sure.

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  • susansaint

    This is another great bar, very friendly, juke box, pool table, and an outside area for smokers! This is the Cheers of the heights!