Fun Buffet Restaurant and Bar No ratings yet.

440 Danforth Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 333-0072

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  • Joe Cushtookie

    Finally made it to Fun Buffet. They have a small bar to the left when you go in. It’s mostly used for storage now but who knows, maybe back in the day it was a happening spot to be. When we walked in and told them that we didn’t want to eat, we just wanted to get a drink at the bar, we were told that the bar wasn’t open. But a manager stepped in and accommodated us. What can I tell you? Place is cheap with a capital C. They have an extensive cocktail list– $4 each! You can get a Johnny Walker black for $4.50. Place is run down as hell but folks seem to like the food. Lots of items in the buffet and really cheap too! Fun Buffet, dig it.