Grape Vine Tavern No ratings yet.

657 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 653-9541

Our Two Cents


Not much to say, not much of a strain on the wallet, not much of anything really – other than a solid old man joint that does its thing with grace and aplomb.

Walk in at 8:30AM on a Monday morning or walk in at 6:00PM on a Sunday eve… what you get is no-frills, easy going, and priced right.

Just a throw off of the center of Five Corners, The Grape Vine is conveniently located and easy to spot. You walk in, the bar is right there; find a chair, sit down, order a drink and get on with it.

If you want to catch a sip, and maybe, at best, talk to a buddy with no interruption, The Grape Vine fits the bill quite well.

Parting notes… if you’re in here on a sunny day, you’ll certainly notice the lack of light reaching the interior, save for a shaft of light that comes in from a window up front near the bar. The light from this thing casts a nimbus over the head and shoulders of whoever is seated at the end of the bar, so be sure to have your penance in order before you drop by. Stare at the sconces flanking the bar itself and take in the deep green walls; you’ll feel as though Barnabas from ‘Dark Shadows’ is going to sidle up in the seat next to you.

And yes, the towering monoliths they call the men’s urinals are extant.

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  • treydagowhop15

    awesome place , miller highlife on tap, cheap and great bartenders,

  • Brian

    There is a sort of grandpa’s pants smell that permeates the place, but the beers are cheap and the bartender was friendly when I visited. Beers are pretty cheap too.

  • chucklesdubbleyou

    Best feature here – the ginormous urinals in the men’s. The smell of piss will knock you over if you aren’t already drunk when you walk in. $5 pint of Guiness for strangers.