Guillo’s Place 4/5 (1)

110.5 Coles Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 798-9734

Our Two Cents


If you’re into easy, weekend afternoon sipping with a friend or two, you owe it to yourself to amble over to Coles and 6th to visit Guillo’s. You enter from the corner and if you don’t have the door opened for you by the man himself, Guillo will probably be tending to a few duties barside atop a stool or behind the bar. Have a look around and you’ll catch a few TVs, a requisite Old Glory above the bar, maroon draped windows festooned in neon, a corner store style sliding-glass-door refrigeration unit chock full of beer, and in the back toward the restrooms lies the sacred billiard table.

Quiet weekend afternoon or full on Friday happy-hour unleashing, the crowd in Guillo’s is never raucous and rather friendly. Regulars abound in the shape of neighborhood locals, commuters and those passing by for work.

Once you take your seat at the bar, service is just around the corner. Guillo or his staff never let you sit around waiting, even if you’re a new face. All the Bud/Miller/Coors stuff is stocked along with a few Latin faves — Corona, Presidente to name a few. Heineken and a few of the big Eruo imports rear their heads as well. Guillo’s has wine and cocktails down too. Bar snacks are available and displayed on a rack behind the bar.

The real clincher on this place is the vibe. There’s something that feels very familiar about the joint, almost as if you’re having a few at home (if your living room were a good deal bigger and had a bar in it). Ideal for long talks with a few buddies over some very reasonably priced drinks.

On your way out, pop open the refrigerator and take a little somethin’ home with you. Sixers are readily available along with some odd, quart sized brews. Before leaving, be sure to say your farewells, Guillo will certainly reciprocate and he’ll have a chair and a cold one ready for you next time.

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  • sully

    Great bar, around the corner from my place. LOW key, cheap drinks, interesting juke box and they have a package license so drinks to go. Crowd has also been changing as Guillo has hired a new bartender with younger customer base from downtown.

  • embankmentguy

    No tap. No food. Usually filled with middle aged guys hiding from their wives, but all too often a much tougher crowd. It’s gotten somewhat better since the neighbors started to speed dial the cops when the fights broke out.

  • aquaphyre

    I really like this place! Went in once a few months back and was welcomed as if I was a regular. Always an entertaining movie on the TV’s and to top it all off I believe I saw a pool table in the backroom by the restrooms. The standard bottles available from the bar and a wide variety of domestic Quarts and Fifths of most everything under the sun available for carry out! My last visit was highlighted by my favorite cheese filled pretzel snacks and a Quart of bud for the road. Great people and a warm glow followed me home.

  • Risky

    I love Guillo’s. Prices are great. Sports are always on. Pool table is flat. Snacks are available. What more could a guy want? Still wonder if the owner is really a Memo, coming up with his own name. NEON NEON NEON!!!