Jack Miller’s Pub No ratings yet.

293 Academy Street
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 656-9811

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  • Harraby Lad

    They serve Budweiser in cans here.

  • Risky

    Don’t have a huge hardon for this place but every time I go by it, I think of the Godfather when Jack Woltz tells Bobby Duvall to “listen up my kraut mick friend!”
    I mean, why does it look like an Irish bar but has a German name?

  • soshin79

    Whitewashed walls covered in signed photos of sportsmen, bottled beer only, and two other people in the bar watching a Paul Newman movie on AMC. I mean, who the hell goes to the pub to watch a movie?

    I liked Jack Miller’s but after the pleasures of the Astor Bar it felt too clean and homely to be a proper dive. I also miss my beer taps and for god’s sake, if you are gonna call yourself an Irish bar and have shamrocks all over the place, at least have Guinness on tap!!!

    Reprinted with kind permission from WiredJC