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50 Journal Square
Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 216-9632

Our Two Cents


Journal Square Pub. Long bar. Warm and inviting. Taps are clean as a whistle and taste fantastic. Prices are mind bogglingly fair. Megatouch,. Jukebox. Neon. ATM. Wainscoting. Peggy.

We stopped into the JSQ Pub for a couple of Sunday afternoon pints. We took the plunge and decided to evaluate the taps with a $2.00 Pabst Draught. Not only was the beer served with a smile and ultra quickly, we were amazed at how well chilled and clean the draught tasted. At first, I thought the joint might just have a high pour volume from the PBR tap, thereby keeping it relatively clean. That notion was to be put to rest when we dared to try a pull of the Coors Original/Banquet. Once again excellent, and what was better is that this place actually stocks regular Coors!

So, the beer isn’t everything here. We are able to enjoy the quirky ambiance, comfortably sit at the bar and gab as long as we wanted and there were no qualms about us throwing a buck or two into the jukebox. Nostalgia poured from the good old CRT televisions as 1980s vintage World Series games were being either broadcast or played from a DVD or VHS tape. We shot the breeze and gazed at dugout shots of Gary Carter, Lee Mazzilli, Doc Gooden and a bunch of other ’86 Mets.

The Sunday crowd was a bit thin (probably due to Mother’s Day as affable barkeep Peggy informed us), but the crowd seemed to be divided into two factions this time around. You had the quiet, TV watching bunch at the inner portion of the bar and near the entrance and front window sat the more raucous regulars. Peggy, who has been tending at the Journal Square Pub for about 20 years is a total pistol and very friendly. Through her, we got to speaking to some of the regular clientele and they all regaled us with stories of the Pub and a bunch of other watering holes of Hudson County.

As we parted ways with the tasty suds and fine people of the Journal Square Pub, we were advised that Friday is probably the Pub’s best night. Another tip offered up as we left was to make a night of the re-run movies at the Loew’s next door and pop into the Pub before, after, or both to enhance your movie watching pleasure!

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  • Joe Cushtookie

    They don’t have Guinness on tap anymore! According to the (very pretty) bartender it wasn’t that popular. I’m dubious. Internet juke box is nice. Sometimes they really turn it up if folks are looking to party making conversation difficult, at best. I’ve seen people smoke weed in the alley next door which I think is pretty dumb. I wish they let you bring Boulevard Drinks hot dogs in to eat at the bar but they have some half-assed restaurant in there that supposedly serves food, but I ain’t going near that.

  • Jonny H

    Good place to go for packaged goods, or if you just really need a beer when you get off the train. They have a pool table upstairs away from the physical bar, kinda cool other room.

  • Brian

    If you want to know anything about old time JC, you should come talk to the regulars at this bar. They also have your standard beers on tap for cheap.

  • soshin79

    There are a lot of Scottish tans in this pub. What is that? Well, a regular tanned person has tanned skin and white teeth, a Scottish tanned person has white skin and tanned teeth.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for this pub so I hope it survives the gentrification of JSQ, however looking at some of the regulars I just hope they survive the weekend!

    Reprinted with kind permission from WiredJC