Light Horse Tavern 4/5 (1)

199 Washington Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 946-2028


Our Two Cents


One of the most beautiful places to take a drink or bite in Jersey City, The Light Horse does impress. If your visit is by day, huge windows will drench the lower level of the main room in natural light. At night chandeliers and well placed sconces provide a warm, relaxing glow to unwind. Tap selection is varied and does change, yet it is not as kinetic as it used to be. On our visit we sampled the classic Aventinus doppelbock served in a proper bulbed weizen and in excellent drinking condition. We also quaffed a well presented Six Point and Flying Fish Bayshore Oyster Stout.

Drinks were accompanied by an excellent cheese plate, cooked to medium-rare spec burger and a steak sandwich. The shoestrings were a tad too salty, but with all the beer at our behest, bacchanalian rehydration was easy.

The crowd during lunch is markedly business which could make the ultra casual and self conscious feel a bit out of place. Have no fear though; there always seems to be a very "regular" crowd congregating at the bar and the hightops on the bar’s perimeter.

Barstaff on all our visits have always been attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.

Prices surely aren’t rock bottom, but then again you wouldn’t expect them to be at an impeccably executed tavern as this. If you’re looking for no frills, down and dirty drinking, there are a few other spots withing Paulus Hook that you can venture out to.

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  • wdd

    Great place. Always consistent – great food, service, atmosphere. Prices are a bit on the high side, but oh well… hasn’t stopped me on many a return trip.

  • jcrich

    I have a feeling 7thstreeter might be referring to York St Tavern which is a couple blocks away.
    The Light Horse has consistently good food and service and a great selection of beers and wines. It really is beautiful inside and we always take out of town guests there for dinner.

  • Skreeming4Venjintz

    Wow, I’ve only encountered tame, more adult and refined times when I visit the Light Horse. Great on-tap selections although you can tell which ones don’t move too well as they taste a little funny.

    Excellent raw bar and cocktails are mixed good and stiff.

    I know this is a bar review site, but dinner, brunch or lunch are great here as well. I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

  • 7thstreeter

    One time we came here for a burger and were served by a waitress wearing a bikini. It was pretty amusing. Apparently it was bikini and karaoke night. All singers were given a free shot. They announced that there were extra bikinis if anyone wanted to wear one. We did not stick around.