Lucky 7 4/5 (1)

322 2nd Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 418-8585


Our Two Cents


You may never get to enjoy the Gilligan’s Island meets Ewok Village Hut cum "Crack In The Earth" Beyond Thunderdome architecture that houses Lucky 7 as most visits to this legendary local are done by cover of night. If you can get past the neon blasting from the windows and the streetlamp glare, take a look toward the heavens and glance at the unused patio area. Notions of summertime drinking games, ice luges, keg-stands, howling at the moon and the sax playing oiled muscle man from Lost Boys may fill your mind. No need to harp on these thoughts as the door to equal greatness is before you.

I’d only visited Lucky 7 on a rainy summer evening right after work in 2006 and in 2007 on a Tuesday evening for their music night. Although both visits were pleasant, I recall thinking Lucky 7 was just a younger skewing "old man joint." The kind of place you pop into with a friend or two to chat. The kind of place with no drink variety and paltry volume from the jukebox. Hardly a correct assessment.

I popped in for a visit on a Saturday around 9PM and immediately realized this was the beginning of prime time at Lucky 7. I approached a breach in the bar and ordered a pint of Brooklyn Lager from the attentive barmaid. Service was quick and friendly and the beer was served in a clean glass, from a well maintained keg and at an excellent temperature.

Seating was maxxed out when I arrived. I recall the arrangements being the typical stools around the bar and two raised built-in booth type things that reminded me of the places I’d hide in at Alcatraz while my buddy’s sister bought us pitchers back in high school. The jukebox effortlessly swung from Motorhead to Jay-Z and the varied patronage were enthralled by the mechanical selector’s plays as evinced by uproarious communal chanting of the "99 Problems" chorus. A quick look around the spot uncovered couples flirting, small clusters of friends, a few flying solo and a throng of what appeared to be birthday partiers. Darts are available as is a video game of some sort, but the machine was off or not functioning the night I visited. A chalkboard behind the bar lists all the choice libations as well as current specials. I had a nice chat with manager Charles as he explained that a regular crowd is enjoyed by the bar, yet new faces crop up all the time – probably from the bar’s favorable reputation and/or their excellent music showcase on Tuesdays and industry night on Sundays. DJ nights round out the other entertainment choices throughout the week.

Lucky 7 surprises. As mentioned, it can be docile and cozy on a rainy weekday afternoon or a raucous, unabashed full throttle party on the weekends. Of course, it’s a Jersey City bar so it possesses a good deal of grounded sensibility. Attitude isn’t part of the mix at Lucky’s. If you’ve got fun loving parents in town and need to take them out for a wild night of forcing shots down dear old Dad’s throat, this would be the place to do it – and the crowd at Lucky’s surely wouldn’t be at odds with you.

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  • ksuth

    I used to live up the block from Lucky 7s, and I’ve been there on a number of occasions.

    It’s a nice spot during the day/early evening to stop in and have a burger and beer with maybe a friend or 2, but the place is way too small for the crowd they get at nights, especially on Friday & Saturday nights or when bands are playing.

  • Jonny H

    Oh yea babe, good joint. Jukebox is rad and they sometimes have live music! SWEEEEET!

  • Khaki Chinos

    I wonder if this place’s high ratings are a result of them being on that MERCY show. I have been in here and I have nothing to write home about. Yes, the prices can be good. Yes, as this site says, the taps are pretty error-free. The atmosphere is lacking though and the bartender I dealt with gave me the cold shoulder all night. Sorry miss, you ain’t ALL THAT.

  • aimes

    one of my faves in the city! greatest jukebox! and some of my favorite girls working behind the bar!

  • iamboogz

    haha wat make this place even more special was that those people were all my friends at the bar celebrating that night. This bar was definitely a great “hidden gem” of jersey city. Great times, great bartenders, and great crowd. Can’t wait to go back!!! Thanks for posting pics of us!!!!

  • hamiltonpark05

    Cheap drinks, fun times, and nice crowd to boot! A Jersey City landmark, definetly worth a visit, especially on weekends!!

  • PFTW

    This bar rocks!!! It has to be the coolest hang in all of downtown Jersey City. Yeah it’s a dive but a great local hang! Good drink specials, lots of pretty girls, great jukebox, even better DJ’s appearing almost nightly. They even have a pretty happening local live music scene. Chheck out this place on Tuesday nights for the Songwriter Showcase they have. If I’m drinking in JC…I am drinking here!

  • 7thstreeter

    Good place to watch football on Sundays. I love their jukebox.