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289 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 860-9688


Our Two Cents


Inviting. Quaint. Varied. Lovely.

These adjectives certainly sum up the Marco and Pepe experience. Whether you are stopping in for dinner, their novel six-day-a-week brunch, or visiting for a few drinks, Marco and Pepe welcomes you with warm, modestly decorated surroundings and a food and drink menu that comfortably resides at the top of heap in Jersey City. Fare is prepared simply but with obvious care taken in ingredient selection. Classics like grilled cheese are no frills in presentation yet overwhelm the palate with artisan bread and select cheeses. Fish and chips also astounds with a monkfish nugget base, a subtly spiced battering and shoestring potatoes.

Sampling these tasties is a nice convenience, but what really impresses here are the beer, spirit and wine offerings. I made out four beers on tap and a liquor store style sliding glass- door refrigerator which housed numerous bottles. The wine list is equally, if not more sprawling, yet I didn’t take the time to pore over its offerings. The barkeep on my visit was an affable younger guy who reads of “liquor enthusiast” at first glance. I made an inquiry as to whether Marco and pepe had any autumn or pumpkin brews at present which led to deeper conversation into the barkeep’s stocking preferences. This guy is more than a drink slinger looking for work scheduling flexibility and good pay – his upkeep of the taps and lines along with the aforementioned bottle selection is fantastic.

My first draw was a Six Point Brown Ale. Well poured and much to my delight, not the slightest hint of diacetyl. The huge glass fronted refrigeration unit is fantastic if you are among the beer initiated. Immediately recognizable are a duo of Schlenkerla offerings, some Fuller’s brews, a few Hitachino varieties and many, many more.

Most definitely a prime stop for an evening of sessioning on some finer brews.

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  • JCSH

    the best cocktails in town, but thats just my humble opinion. i’m sure you’ve seen me sitting on my corner of heaven knockin back a few hemmingways on a many a night the good weather and the bad (i personally love to eat outside under the awning during a torrential down pour). great beer selection, easily one of the best around jc, if thats your game. if we are talking food its and educated and quality menu that changes regularly. which annoys some and is embraced by others. i use a hamburger as a bench mark and theirs is topshelf and jesus don’t get me started on how awesome the BLT is. here is the deal. service can be slow. don’t go if you are in a rush. i believe this to be intentional. its got a very french bistro vibe… laid back and take your time have some drinks enjoy your life!

  • 7thstreeter

    I am almost always very satisfied with all aspects of this place – inventive coctails, delicious food, personable service, bustling atmosphere, apropriate music, and managable noise level. It’s my favorite date-night destination in jc and also my dependable go-to for out-of-town guests. My only complaint is that brunch can be a bit hit-or-miss. Sometimes the menu is truncated and sometimes they seem understaffed. But sometimes they’ve made too many mimosas and they pass them out for free so…