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511 West Side Avenue (on Union behind Dunkin Donuts)
Jersey City, NJ 07304
(201) 369-9910

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  • soshin79

    Hidden behind Dunkin Donuts and across from the Dairy Queen just off Westside Avenue is Mike’s Place. It has a pool table, a jukebox with a selection of classic rock (plenty of Queen and no Billy Joel) and the smallest beer selection in America. You can have your pick of Bud or Miller-lite, if you ask nicely your glass will be cold and it will only cost you a buck! You will also get a buy-back for every two ONE DOLLAR beers you consume. This probably explains why the bar looks like it is made from formica and leftover kitchen units.

    The regulars, all 3 of them (including Mike), are all really friendly even if they do bear resemblance to Fredo from The Godfather. Oh, and I would also mention that when you are playing pool, the table may seem like it is on a slope but in fact it is the whole bar that is on a slope. Put the white ball on the floor and watch it roll downhill faster than George Bush’s popularity.

    Reprinted with kind permission from WiredJC