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Jersey City, NJ

Our Two Cents


Bars off the main drag usually have more character than their counterparts located on major thoroughfares. New Music Box Café (or Dennis and Maria’s) is no exception. A stepped entrance will test your sobriety as you make your way into this semi-subterranean drink spot. Light has a hard time getting into the bar which is great for viewing sports on any of their four, very crisp flat panel TVs. Replete with a fine billiards table and BOOMING jukebox, the stage is set to party hard up in here. Bar is well stocked and the brews are ice cold.

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  • BergenCountyKilla

    Loaded with Dominicans, this place is great. I got bro on 7th, so before we head to the path train we hit this spot and get stupid before we hit the more expensive spots. Sports all over the tv so you know ur in good hands here.

  • aquaphyre

    Come equipped with an extra pack of cigs to dole out to those who follow you out the door. I have had many good experiences down in the music box but this past visit soured my taste. Speaking of taste the Empanadas being eaten by the bar maids made me awfully hungry but they were not sharing. Prices fair, pool table was flat, balls were round, and the music was loud and new! Not a bad place at all and there was plenty of room to cut a rug or flatten a box to break dance on.