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575 West Side Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304
(201) 434-9253

Our Two Cents


Located over on West Side Avenue, the Park Tavern is an unassuming, wood fronted neighborhood bar with killer food and delicious beer on tap.

To the uninitiated, the bar might appear as if its doors have been closed for 15 years. The wooden exterior is weatherbeaten and boasts a tough patina. Once you pry open the door to 575, you’re certainly not going to be greeted by sterile, bright lighting. Instead, the interior is as dark and foreboding as the wind slapped beams on the facade. No bother though, once you make your way over to the left, friendly barstaff are willing and able to get your drink selections under control.

My visit was highlighted by a meeting with old friends out on the Park Tavern’s excellent back patio. Through the back door you are presented with a wooden trussed area with a corrugated polycarbonate canopy above for elemental protection. Tables and seating are pelntiful and you are more than welcome to take both your meal and drinks out here. Should the need for a little tobacco satisfaction arise, ashtrays are ubiquitous and pulling a cig or two is certainly not a problem.

Draught selections are commendable. Macro BMC swill is present but also here are well maintained Brooklyn, Newcastle and Magner’s pours, among others. Prices on Sunday are higly affordable at $4 per pint.

There is a small one lane lot to the left of the PT, but I’m not sure if it is employees only. Parking isn’t too problematic though, as West Side or a side street should prove adequate. If you’re looking to get a little fuzzy and you’re coming from downtown or elsewhere, I recommend taking the NJ Transit 80 bus for $1.35 each way.

Having a look at Park Taverns’s limited reviews on the Internet will yield fabulous write-ups of the Park Tavern’s fare. Burgers, oversized sandwiches and more are on offer here. For our purposes, the promise and satisfaction of their spacious environs, charm and ultra clean taps were more than worth the trip out west.

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  • The Bar Girl

    If there is a sign that says “Park Tavern’ I didn’t see it. There are no beer signs in the windows because there are no windows.Which makes the inside too dark. More lighting is needed. The tavern is large inside with the straight bar to the left and tables to the right. The bartender was friendly, the drinks were inexpensive. A great place to visit.

  • Just Me

    I am new to JC and just found this place. LOVE IT!

  • aimes

    park tavern rocks! the food, bartenders and atmosphere; it’s my favorite place when i don’t want to be found and relax!

    #1 jersey city st patty’s day spot!

  • soshin79

    In my opinion, the best bar in JC; Guinness, Blue Moon and a host of others on tap. The jukebox has a good selection of classic rock, Irish and country music. The whole place smells like wood, the bar tables are old wooden cable spindles turned on their side, in the winter there is a real wood fire and in the summer they have an outdoor space in the back.

    The regulars are mainly JCPD and JCFD with a smattering of younger “precious ghetto” inhabitants thrown in. They also do burgers and hot dogs and I’m told they were good too.

    If you want to come here, beware there is no sign on the door and I wasn’t able to find any reference to it online (hence the lack of a definitive address above). Just look for the place that has the old wooden shingle front on the Westside of the street right off Communipaw.

    Reprinted with kind permission from WiredJC

  • littleredfern

    park tavern is the best bar in jersey city!!! its a very good crowd. even if you don’t know anyone, you always feel welcome. very nice inside and in the back. the bugers…i’m not even gonna say anything. just go there and get one. its just an all around great bar.

  • columbialion

    THE best bar in West JC. If your looking for a place with loud music, blaring sports on obscenely large TV screens…look elsewhere. The Park Tavern is a place where the neighborhood can come to sit together over a drink,a beer,a GREAT Burger and hold a conversation without having to shout over other distractions. The bar where you’ll find.. Real people…Real Food…Real Beer…period.

  • Harraby Lad

    Went there last night – will be going again ! Fresh beers and good friendly atmosphere.

  • moosamus

    I like it. Nice old wooden place. Insider feel, though. Guess it comes with the territory of being a last bastion of Irish JC. That said, good beer and food. Initial review vindicated.