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Jersey City, NJ

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  • Jonny H

    I went in here because a bartender from a gig I worked told me there was a bar right by journal Square that was chock full on underage girls, and I need to check it out. well It was not this bar! at least when I was there,there was one guy drinking and one bar tender, my friends were frightened and we didnĀ“t even drink there.

  • chucklesdubbleyou

    Large oval bar in the front room with tables, the kind of layout that would allow two bartenders to serve some serious volume if the crowd was there. They might be late on a weekend night, but my Friday happy hour visit was lonely, with just me and two greenies for which I paid $4 ea. Evidence of some goodtimes if you’re able to figure out the timing.

  • Harraby Lad

    The nicest thing to say about this place is that the exterior of the bar doesn’t mirror the interior.