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Jersey City, NJ

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  • The Bar Girl

    This is a below average bar. THe bar is to the left with about 15 seats and a few tabels to the right. The decore is barren with little cheerful atmosphere. The bartender spoke Engligh which wasnt the first language of the patrons. The drink was cheep but my first choice wasnt available.

  • Tom-tom69

    Went to this Bar on Saturday, different girl behind the Bar, Weird with birds cherping in cages over your head. Like being back in jungle. Not sure what is louder, birds or customers playing domino’s

  • soshin79

    A confusing name that seems to predate the invention of text message language though may have some connection to the scribblings of the artist formerly known as… the artist formally known as Prince who used to say things like “When 2 R in Love” and “I would Die 4 U” years before the cell phone industry caught on.

    The clientele consists of the barmaid from the JSQ pub who obviously does her drinking here because the JSQ pub is too up-market for her and an ex-marine who is possibly the angriest man in America and bears a passing resemblance to Lemmy from Motorhead.

    Beers were 3 bucks which was a shock after the communist paradise that was Mike’s Place, and again the jukebox was Billy Joel free.

    Reprinted with kind permission from WiredJC