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Jersey City, NJ

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  • lj326

    i went to this racist , establishment. paid thirty dollars top be told that the drinks and so call orderbs were unlimited. then got harrased all night by management. i could not sit at bar , i could not sit at tables had to stay in one section , are u fn serious. final straw was when i was talking to a female that was not black i was ran down on and asked was there a problem. rediculous , so you know what its black history month i didnt leave quietly lol would never recommend this spot to a dog …

  • lg

    Went after work on a Friday night. The guy at the door who looks like Jay Leno was very nice. Definitely overpriced. The service was not good. Took a friend out and the waitress was flirting with him! Then she messed up his order, forgot our food then gave me the wrong bill. Service brought this place down. Perhaps if she focused on the job and not the men, she would have received a tip. Needs more training. Food was ok.

  • AGROvate1

    This place is a disaster. It’s pretty looking inside, but that’s where the good ends. D-Bag bouncers, some retarded dress code, very odd selection of food on the menu, poor liquor selection, WAY OVER PRICED drinks, AWFUL AWFUL music…it’s one of the 12 owner/mangers ipod playlists that has top 100 crap jumping from genre to genre with no concept of mixing. The owners and managers themselves are completely full of themselves and don’t take feedback from the residents well.

    Look they opened a spot in the Powerhouse ARTS District. Yes it’s being re-gentrified, BUT those who can afford to live in the area still love the arts and this place spits in the face of the local residents. They are trying (poorly) to make a Hoboken bar in downtown JC. Message to owners: if we wanted to live in Hoboken we would have bought/rented in Hoboken. JC residents don’t much like Hoboken or the people it draws. Get the message and get your act together or get the hell out of my hood.

    I’ll drop a couple hundred $ at a bar if I feel welcome. I will NEVER spend another $1 at this place and never step foot in again unless it’s to punch one of the 12 managers in the face for being dumb.

  • boozehound

    Sterile and very commercial feeling. Desolate on friday night around 12am.

  • Cindy

    I’m a regular at the Powerhouse. I stop by on my way home after work a few days week and love this place! Charlie is usually at the door with a smile and keeps everything safe and issue free. The shuttle guy is the nicest dressed guy I have ever seen driving a van and is really great. He makes sure you are dropped in a safe spot, which for me is important when it’s late. Love the drink specials, bartenders friendly, sofa service can be slow…but I’m here to relax so it is no real issue when your with friends. Pizza here is fabulous and so is the chicken. I guess the other reviewers haven’t been back since it opened, because I totally disagree with what they had to say. Stop in and check it out. Great place, great group of people!

  • ihfgene

    I have been to the Powerhouse Lounge a number of times. My friends and I love it. Great happy hour. For $20 all you can drink and eat – and it’s good quality food. There is a dress code, which I like. Evidently, management at the Powerhouse are trying to give the place an upscale image. It’s nice to go out for a fun evening and see people nicely dressed. The place has the feel of a trendy bar in the Matpacking Dstrict. I was there when it first opened in Deccember, and the service was disorganized. The service has gotten much better. I am meeting a group of friends there tonight celebrating my birthday.

  • BergenCountyKilla

    If they had a negative beer glass on this place I’d give Powerhouse 5 of them. Crowd is nonexistant. Drinks are overpriced. Bouncers are douche bags. COVER? In JC with a view of some shit road? PLEASE.

  • jerzeygroove

    Went here for a birthday party on a Saturday. Had to check in my coat, fine. But my friend had to check in his hat, lame. Saw some other guy throughout the night with a hat. There were a couple of girls with their wireless handheld ordering machine. Made a simple order with two friends of mine: beer, wine spritzer, and rum and coke. All of my friends had their drinks and were cheering, while us 3 didn’t have our drinks for at least 45 minutes! We were told that the bar was backed up. Riiiight. There were probably 3 bartenders and it was not that packed, PLUS it’s not like we ordered complicated drinks. I found out later that our waitress quit because the owner was giving her a hard time and it was the bar that forgot the drinks (or ignored the order). So maybe I felt bad, but come on, they have some high tech system for ordering and for an establishment like this, you would expect quality workers. Then, the my girl-friends were telling me that the toilets in their bathroom were not working and was backed up. EWW, damn how long this place been open and they’re already having plumbing problems? They also have these half cuts of drain piping as props or decorations. Another party was hanging at the bar and was leaning on it and then it came off and fell on one of my friends. This place is already falling apart. Yeah, this place is pathetic. We don’t need a place like this in JC. This place do belong in Hoboken. So disappointing. However, their pizza was good.

  • ms

    Powerhouse lounge was pathetic. Service was mediocre, bordering on idiotic. Hostess said whatever when I left. Oy, LITM and Marco and Pepe will be my bars of choice. Even Oharas is better than this pretentious, pathetic jersey bar. It should be in Hoboken or further south perhaps. oy