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Jersey City, NJ

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  • Foo

    I live up the block from Ringside. Great to-go alcohol in quart sized containers that’s usually around $10-15. This place has some of the best Portuguese food this side of Ferry street, but most are scared to walk in (Pork Picadinho is my fav.) The trick is go before 11pm, before all your local drug kingpins and pimps get off recess. 🙂

  • Risky

    This bar is like the bar in Star Wars when the butt face walrus fly man got his arm chopped off. IN FACT, just the other day, some 23 year old dude got more than a chopped off arm, he got lead in the head! My sister has dropped by here to pick up a few cocktails in open CHINESE won ton soup containers. Good prices if I remember and the drinks was strong!