Skinner’s Loft No ratings yet.

146 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 915-0600


Our Two Cents


Skinner’s has, more than anything else in our estimation, a fantastic, neighborhood-ish something-or-other powering behind it.

Swung by on a Sunday evening while the dryers spun over at Laundry City. Crowd was lively for a Sunday. Two small groups seated at tables, a larger soccer team crowd entered later and were promptly sorted out on seating with nary a jostle or ounce of commotion. Bartender was a friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive guy; totally down for sample sips. Lighting was ample and comforting. Not overpowering/examination room bright, yet not the down and dirty, cloaking lip movement level either.

First pull was a Left Hand Sawtooth on draft that I committed to after a shot glass sample. The sample tasted great, yet the larger pint had a disconcerting metallic tone to it. I deduced that this was probably cleaning solution on the glass rather than bad lines, but because of this I still can’t offer a perfect on the BSTQM… not at this juncture at least. Banged down a well chilled and presented Sam Smith’s Brown and was much more happily back on my way to fold some laundry.

Skinner’s has a good thing going from what I can gather. My time was too brief and further investigation must be done to reevaluate the taps and possibly some barside nibbles. Summer might throw a few more points in the bag as their open air setup downstairs and the roofdeck up top are quite tasty.

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  • Joe Cushtookie

    This is a great place with friendly staff and excellent food.

  • Risky

    Like the others have all said, sweet spot with a laid back and welcoming vibe. Beer selection is great and my girl liked their wines and the heavy pour. Need to try the food next time out.

  • MikeyTBC

    Nice place. Food and service are good and consistent. To me it’s less of a bar and more of a restaurant with a bar in it. Now that I think about it, I should be going here more often. Go with a few friends and get the Cheddar-jalapeƱo-beer dip, the mussels and a couple orders of the Mac & Cheese.

  • 7thstreeter

    They have a small but well decorated rooftop that looks out onto the beautiful Newark Ave streetscape. It was fun to watch the pigeons come and go in the boarded up building across the street. The bar at street level is always well-attended during happy hour.