Star Bar 4/5 (1) - CLOSED

34 Wayne Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 367-1222


Our Two Cents


Why I never popped into the Star Bar years ago is beyond me.

Star Bar boasts an austere, yet charming facade that is impeccably manicured – complete with the best looking cigarette butt bin I have ever seen. Once you open the door, the feel is quite welcoming. Spots were available at the bar when I visited and the bartender provided friendly acknowledgment. Beer selection here impresses… quite fully. This is Jersey City after all and finding some of the brews that Star Bar stocks at a local liquor store can be a chore. A chalkboard sits above the bar, listing the current beers, wines, spirits and mixed cocktails. One on one seating can be found around the perimeter and at two person high-tops scattered throughout. Trivia consoles and Wii nights round out the fun.

Pity I never knew about this as a commuting stiff all those years as I would have gladly taken the two minute walk from the PATH to get some liquid happy at this beer lover’s oasis.

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  • Crazy Johannes

    JCBG’s review of Star Bar seems overly harsh – and the photograph of the bar when it’s closed with the gates locked seems rather said.

    JCBG claims the Iron Monkey is JC’s best beer bar – that’s laughable. Iron Monkey has a lot of beer – true – but most of it is predictable, German adjunct lagers.

    I’d argue Star Bar is the IT spot for craft beer in JC. While they only have four taps, they rotate a selection of three dozen craft beers. Their chalkboard changes weekly with new selections – and really great stuff. Add to this a management that demands it’s bartenders know the product and you have a really great place to drink beer.

    There are only a handful of places in JC where a stranger can walk in and feel comfortable instantly – and Star Bar has that in spades. Friendly staff, a management team that works hard to earn customer loyalty, and a great beer selection – that puts Star Bar at the head of the JC bar class.

  • GroveStGal

    “Why I never popped into the Star Bar years ago is beyond me.” Until a few years ago it was a different bar. It had a spanish name, Gato Negro or something like that.