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225 Hutton Street at Sanford Place
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 653-9111

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  • The Dutsche

    hello someone knows the beer of j.shery & sons monaghan?
    have an old bottle very well preserved found …

  • Risky

    Don’t tell me that they’re closing this place! I love it here! This place is all that you need in a Jersey City bar! What the hell?!?!

  • Joe Cushtookie

    They’re closing this place!

  • Anne Mc Kell

    I owned this bar from about 1955 till the early 60’s I bought it from the original owner Tony Loth and named it “Scotties Pub” Ran it with Jack Henny,Vinnie Becmer,and Jacks wife Mary. I installed refrigeration for the beer rather than ice,and upgraded the bar. Sold it to Tommy Coons and Andy. Tommy moved to Florida and when Andy died it was sold to Terry Monahan. It was a neighborhood bar in a good area.

  • ksuth

    I love Terry’s. I mean it probably helps that I grew up around the corner and know many of the regulars & bartenders. It’s a great place to start the night by playing some pool and having a few cheap beers.

  • aquaphyre

    This was the second to last spot that we hit during our epic Bicycle Journey through JC. Super nice neighborhood with true, down to earth people mostly from the neighborhood. No big headed banker types in this place (thank goodness). Typical beer selection here and I think they might even sell food to supplement their bar nuts (ask). No tables around (just a mid sized bar and a bench) but who wants to sit at a table and get up to get a beer anyway. Although this bar doesnt have todays high tech amenities, I would rather find myself snowed in here shootin the shit about the world, instead of in some fist pumping nightclub. Terry M. is a must if you want to experience a real Jersey City gem, no-frills style.

  • Harraby Lad

    Quiet on the outside. Loud as fuck on the inside. Nice place though .. Haha

  • Risky

    I dig this spot. Been in here during the day a few times and it’s usually empty. I don’t know about the night scenes, but when I was there it was just my buddy and me. Smittiks was fresh off the tap. Can’t say much else as I was on lunch! Gotta try it out again sometime!

  • iheart

    Good local bar, pool table but FYI no credit cards.