Wannamaker 500 Tavern No ratings yet.

500 Ocean Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 434-9418

Our Two Cents


I popped over to Greenville on a Sunday night while waiting for my laundry to dry all the way back downtown at Laundry City. Taking the Turnpike one exit to 14B dumps you off on Garfield, right near the stretch of Ocean that Wannamaker’s is on. Parking was a cinch, and available two doors down. It was about 7PM on a Sunday and what I experienced upon opening the door was anything but Sunday evening bar behavior, at least from my experience. The minute you walk in, there is a definite liveliness to the crowd in W’s. There are a few guys at the pool table in back, a fair amount of couples dotting the bar engaged in conversation or mild laughter, and much to my delight was the card crowd seated on my end. The atmosphere is very "neighborhood-bar-around-the-corner." That night’s bartender was an affable and nicely dressed older woman with glasses and well quaffed hair. As I inquired about their tipple, she let me know they had no taps, bottles of the Bud, Miller, Coors variety, wine and lots of cocktails. I ordered a decently priced Bud and took in the crowd. The overall tone I got from my visit was heavily "adult." The pool table crowd was jocular yet not silly, I didn’t see any sad sacks mulling over life’s worries and the card crowd just looked like they were having a blast.

Before leaving, I had a brief word with the owner and although welcoming, the fellow seemed quite stern. He probably likes giving off that aura as to keep away the rowdy young set.

Anyhow, they have a well lit pool table, ample seating and an old Bally/Midway puck type bowling shuffleboard thing. Couldn’t make out how good the cocktails were or how their buyback policy is as I had to bounce back downtown to get the laundry. Next time, Wannamaker’s… next time.

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