White Star 4/5 (1)

230 Brunswick Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 653-9234


Our Two Cents


The White Star is that kid in school who everyone got along with. There’s nothing that could rub a person the wrong way about this downtown mainstay. Varied crowds gather throughout the week — you get your hipster kids; the older, cranky fellows; urban jocks smothered in too much cologne screaming at the television during games; the public servant crowd bringing their kids in after Little League for Wednesday Dinner Specials and a whole slew of other regulars.

The owner of this place is a down to earth guy who has been unwavering in his commitment to consistency, quality and providing his patrons with an incredible food and drink value.

Draught beer is always fresh. I have yet to sip a diacetyl tainted pour. Bottle selection is admirable. It’s not d.b.a. or Blind Tiger in here, but for a typical JC corner bar, the place is great.

We’re classifying The White Star as a pub due to the atmosphere and the quality of food served. More than wings and fried baskets of heart attack, this place serves up great meats (burgers, roasts, stews, etc.), hearty salads and fantastic pub classics.

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  • keltic

    Great Lunch and a decent bottled beer selection. Staff makes everyone feel welcome!

  • columbialion

    Ambiance is great in this neighborhood pub. However I found the draft beer selection was seriously deficient, much too heavily weighted to “domestic” mega brewers (Bud, Yuengling and ugh…Coors Lgt)
    Need to add a local brew; Brooklyn Beer would be a great start.

  • QB

    Love this bar! The owner is so nice and makes sure everyone gets to watch their team during football season!
    Myself and a few of my fellow Garden State Rollergirls (your local rollerderby team!) usually head over on Wednesday nights for post-practice beer & food. They always make us feel so welcome, and the food is YUMMMM!!!!!!

  • jessdoerrer

    Good service even though it was crowded as could be. The night I went with my friends, it seemed like the place to be….yet very chilled out and unpretentious. We were not rushed out to clear the table. Excellent fried niblets and cold beer. All in all delightful.

  • aquaphyre

    This place even looks nice from the street with its simply designed sign. The inside used to have iconic Rock Star portraits on the bare brick walls but now the eyes are drawn to oversized mixed media art pieces. Quite the upgrade! The beers on tap are always respectable as are the bartenders ( was that really you Amy Winehouse?) The TVs are a bit overwhelming in such a cozy spot but I guess most people love to watch their sports. Dont get me started about the food (its perfect after biking 50 miles around NY). In my case the fried sampler and french dip with fries was just what the doctor ordered after a clandestine session with Dr. Feelgood. One thing I would change is the black and white striped referee “uniform” that I am guessing they make the waitress wear. Maybe the idea would grow on me faster if they threw some roller skates on her too. Decent prices for a more than decent full bar experience.

  • hamiltonpark05

    Great neighborhood pub, perfect for grabbing a bite to eat and a quick drink early. Sometimes tough to find a seat, especially on Wednesday nites, but always worth the wait. A great place to catch up with a friend!!

  • KristinLovesWine

    I live in the area and love popping in this place for a few glasses of wine and mixed munchies. they never care if i come in with my 1-year old, cheerio eating daughter or my 69-year old mother, so it’s a consistent favorite of mine! good food and one of the only decent places to go in the Hamilton Park area.

  • moosamus

    Tap selection changes, cozy crowd, comfortable. Great burgers. I like White Star.

  • 7thstreeter

    Good mix of patrons. Good drink deals every night. It seems to be your classic neighborhood joint. I only wish they didn’t replace all the over-the-bar mirrors with tvs.

  • BrunswickSweeper

    White Star is my SPOT. Food is killer! BLAT is their BLT… WITH AVOCADO! I could down 2 of these in one sitting. They got specials every day… cool bartenders and on Wednesday they got a cheap dinner night for like 6 bucks. 6 bucks is great when you feelin like 5 beers on top of dinner. LOL

  • Brian

    Great little corner bar. Came here with a friend to catch up, and we could actually hear each other. Fellow patrons were conversational, in a good way. The Burger I had was really tasty. I recommend it for a casual drink or four.