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Jersey City, NJ

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Stopped by on their third weekend of being officially open for business. Arrived in the very early evening, probably around 5PM. Door staff was accommodating and very affable. Bar and food staff were all about business, but certainly not brusque. The tales of the taps are true. Plenty of selection and not one hint of diacetyl from a tainted line. Pitchers are a great bet to get the party started. Food is best procured by yourself at the grill window in my opinion. Crowd is huge and boisterous and like a friend who I bumped into mused, if you live in town, it’s only natural that you run into someone you know during your visit. Totally kid friendly all while being amenable to the frat boy beer pong set. It will be interesting to see how this fine place fares in the winter.

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  • araMISTER

    This place was full of promise and refreshment when it opened this summer. Outside was so chock full of people, it was hard to notice anything but everyone having a good time. Fast forward 5 or some months and my last visit was sort of disappointing. I guess they’re never going to fully realize their 144 beers. Instead, those 144 draft lines have now become worn in and on my last Smuttynose IPA order, I got an overly hazy, white chunk filled liter of beer. Oddly, the nose, taste and mouthfeel weren’t highly affected, but presentation is big here… especially at a spot that prides itself as a beer oasis. Sampled the food this time around due to the slowdown this time of year. Ordering and waiting online was not in the cards this August. My burger was acceptable, well portioned and overpriced.

  • aquaphyre

    Wooo Hoooooo! They got beer!