What Are They Drinking? — Melissa Surach

Our new column, “What Are They Drinking?”, features a Jersey City someone-or-other who gets a little (or a lot) of their business done sitting in one of The City’s many barstools.

In our inaugural installment, we get down to brass tacks with self described and critically touted writer, comedian, Jersey City native, and pariah Melissa Surach for a little schooling on Saisons, Chards, and choice Vodka.melissa-surach-interior

Sadly, Melissa had to recently shelve the local Bible del Beer Snob,What’s On Draft, Jersey City? for fear of her liver falling out. She’s also got a trove of other funny stuff at her eponymous URL,MelissaSurach.com. Be sure to check them both out for tips on great beers and even better living.

Melissa, this may come as a surprise, but The Bar Guide would like to know, “What Are You Drinking?”

Melissa: A better question might be, “What aren’t I drinking?”

Beer-wise I’m drinking a lot of saisons because they’re in season. I like American ones because I’m patriotic and I like the hop selection better. My favorite was Saison Du Buff, a collaboration between Dogfish Head, Stone and Victory. It was a super limited release and I could only get 4 bottles. Yard’s is also pretty good. Otherwise, my favorite beers are IPA’s but I’ve already drank all of the IPA’s available in this state. I’m really looking forward to Founder’s Devil Dancer coming out next month.

Wine-wise I’m drinking a lot of cheaper Torrontes, Chardonnay and some Sauvignon Blancs because it’s summer time and I’m cheap. I like oaky and mineral flavors in my wine with not so much fruitiness, and I have to drink white wine or my face turns purple. I’m not a big wine drinker though. In the winter I like desert wines like Gewürztraminer for some reason.

Vodka-wise, right now I’m drinking Luksusowa. I like it because it’s a smooth Polish Potato vodka with herbal notes and it’s really nicely priced and also it’s Polish like me. I also like Tito’s, but it’s too smooth and I’m not allowed to drink it anymore because I abuse it too much. If I had money, I’d drink Uluvka. I usually drink vodka neat or make a martini with St. Germaine’s or another high end liqueur. In the Fall, I’ll probably move onto Bourbon.

I introduced myself to most of this booze because I work in a liquor store and I write beer reviews, so I try to taste something new every night. I’ll usually drink it at home or with friends and family, or with some lucky young lad. Also, most bars in town don’t have very good selections and if they do I can’t afford them — it’s too expensive to go out when you drink the way I do.