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Exchange Place Bars

Name   Details Hours Type Area Rating


Amiya Thumbnail 160 Greene Street
(201) 433-8000
Restaurant Exchange Place Pending


Flamingo Thumbnail 31 Montgomery Street
(201) 434-6769
Restaurant Exchange Place Pending

Henry's On The Hudson

Henry's On The Hudson Thumbnail 34 Exchange Place
(201) 915-3663
Wine Bar Exchange Place Pending


HopsScotch Thumbnail 286 Washington Street
(201) 451-4677
Exchange Place Pending

IM Automata Chino

IM Automata Chino Thumbnail 99 Greene Street
(201) 435-5756
Tavern Exchange Place Pending

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey Thumbnail 97 Greene Street
(201) 435-5756
Restaurant Exchange Place Pending

Park and Sixth Gastropub

Park and Sixth Gastropub Thumbnail 247 Washington Street
(201) 630-4184
Restaurant Exchange Place Pending

Rosie Radigan's - CLOSED

Rosie Radigan's - CLOSED Thumbnail 10 Exchange Place
(201) 451-5566
Restaurant Exchange Place Pending

Teppan Bar and Grill

Teppan Bar and Grill Thumbnail 319 Warren Street
(201) 451-9989
Restaurant Exchange Place Pending

Vu Lounge at The Hyatt

Vu Lounge at The Hyatt Thumbnail 2 Exchange Place
(201) 469-1234
Lounge Exchange Place Pending
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